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My name is Emily, but you can call me Em.

I live in a tiny but cozy apartment with my boyfriend, James, and our handsome rescue pup, Jordy. And I work as a journalist for a small town newspaper in Ohio, where I get to meet all sorts of wonderful people and share their stories.

Basically I’m just your average 23 year old girl (woman?) barely out of college who is trying to figure her life out.

Every year, like millions of other people in the world, I try to set goals for myself. I won’t call them resolutions because that word makes me thing I’m taking something bad and trying to make it better. I’m already starting off with what I think has been a great life and trying to make it better, hence, “goals.”

My goals for 2014 are:

  1. Bake… like all the time: I’ve always loved baking and experimenting with different ways to decorate cupcakes and cookies. So this year, I want to try some new recipes and break my ridiculous rule of never trying the goodies myself and just eat a cookie every once and awhile.

  2. Take more photos: I convinced myself that what I really needed to inspire me to document my life was a “nice” camera. So I dropped nearly $400 on a camera that has seen a few days of action but has basically been collecting dust on the shelf. No more! I’m going to start bringing my camera with me every where I go and tell myself there’s nothing to be embarrassed about for taking pics of everything.

  3. Get crafty: I’ve always been obsessed with DIY blogs and wished I could make such wonderful little creations on my own. I’ve never been very creative on my own, at least not when it comes to the arts, but I’m damn good at following directions! So I’m finally going to stop dreaming about DIYing and start, you know, doing it.

  4. Get out and explore: A daily dose of anxiety has kept me from doing anything spontaneous or exciting in quite some time. I want to change that. I want to get out and try new things, see new places and make some new friends along the way. This might be my toughest goal yet. I already feel anxious just thinking about it…

  5. Dress better: I’ve never really had a “signature style” and I’m always wishing I did. So this year I’m going to try to find one and figure out how I can express my inner geek with a dose of professionalism and femininity.

  6. Start a blog & write more for fun: I can still hear my j-school profs saying “Blogging is the best way to get started,” “You should start a blog!” “Why aren’t you blogging?” While I understood the merits of starting a blog while in school, I always came up with an excuse not to do it. But my biggest deterrant was that I never knew what the hell to write about. But I think I finally figured it out… Plus I love writing, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten into the journalism profession. And I need an outlet where I can write for fun, instead of just under the newspaper deadline.

I want something to hold me accountable for my goals this year, and I think blogging about it might be the answer. Even if no one actually reads this, I’ll THINK people are reading it and that those people have expectations for new content!

So I’m going to write about my goals and all the fun ways I go about chasing them.

I like to think about this goal (maybe dream is more accurate) chasing as a new adventure in my life, which is great because I could use a little more adventure.

So off I go! I hope to learn some things along the way, and perhaps keep all of you entertained. Because after all, if you’re reading this, you’re coming along for the ride.

Wish me luck!


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