so fresh vase

I couldn’t be happier that February has finally melted away and brought us into March, the bringer of spring! Granted, it’s still a crisp 22 degrees in Central Ohio, but I’m hopeful the sun will be shining a little more now and that the beautiful spring weather will be right behind it. Besides, we still have 15 more days until the official start of spring on March 20, so we’ve got time.

To get ready for spring, I decided to spruce up the apartment with this cute DIY vase and flowers. I was inspired by this frosted phrase vase tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.

Here’s how it went down


Glass vase

Krylon glass frosting spray

letter stickers

masking tape



1. Pick out a fun, catchy phrase for your vase and use the letter stickers to spell it out. (I went with so fresh because I didn’t think the suggested “oh la la” from the tutorial would go over well with the BF, and it seemed like a nice way to capture the spirit of spring.)

2. Use the masking tape to line the rim of the vase to create a nice, clean line after you spray.

3. Flip the vase upside down on top of some old cardboard or newspaper, and start spraying. Make sure to follow the directions on the can to spray safely and evenly.

4. Let the frost dry completely before adding additional coats.

5. Once your vase is completely dry, remove the stickers, toss your flowers in the vase and you’re done!

Some helpful tips: If you’re a perfectionist psycho like me, use a few strips of the masking tape to create guidelines for your letters. The tutorial from A Beautiful Mess suggests placing the stickers on some fabric before adhering them to the vase to make them easier to peel off afterward, I definitely would reccommend taking this extra step; it might seem silly but it really helped. And lastly, make sure when you take on this project that you have a well ventilated area to do it in. It was too cold for me to do this outside and I don’t have a garage, so I whipped this up in my bathroom. Although I opened the window to try to air the room out, my entire apartment smells like spray paint right now and my dog was acting pretty weird about it…

*Oh, and if you’re a serial flower killer (I have finally accepted that I am) you might want to go with some faux flowers. I’ve pretty much given up on keeping fresh and potted plants in the apartment because they all die horrible deaths before their time. I picked these flowers up from a Michael’s craft store.

I think it turned out cute (: and it brightens up my day to see pretty, pink flowers when I walk in the door every day.


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