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Jordy's birthday

Exactly one year ago today, this amazing pup came into our lives.

It all started when I went on an assignment at the local animal shelter. I was working on a feature story for the newspaper about a pair of volunteers who had been working hard to turn the place around. I really only went to interview them at the shelter because it seemed convenient for the two of them, plus it would make for a better photo.

When I arrived at the shelter, the guy at the front desk told me it would be a few minutes before they were ready. To keep me entertained, he suggested I go walk around the kennel. And me being the animal lover I am jumped at the opportunity to get some puppy time.

And that’s when I met Jordy (who just jumped on the couch and gave me a big kiss).

Jordy came running right up to me when I walked in the door. It was his turn to have his cage cleaned, so he was just roaming around the kennel like he didn’t have a care in the world. I couldn’t help but melt a little inside when he jumped up and licked my face.

I can’t lie, I was in a vulnerable spot. My family dog, Lexxie, who I am convinced was the bestest cutest most loving and wonderful dog to ever exist, passed away around Christmas. And I was absolutely still not over it when I went to the shelter. But, again, I was only going to the shelter for the interview.

Eventually the volunteers showed up and I followed them to the office for the interview. We chat for an hour and I don’t think much about the cute puppy I met in the kennel, until it’s time for the photos. The photographer suggests we bring some dogs out and have them interact with the volunteers, then the volunteers asked if I wanted to pick the dogs, and guess who I picked? Yep, I picked Jordy.

When it came time to put him away, I was really starting to get sucked in. He was just SO cute. He was only three months old, he was super loving and quiet and he just seemed, I don’t know, perfect?

The more I thought about it, the more I started thinking, why not? Why not just adopt the puppy? In seconds the volunteers convinced me it was a great idea and I’m on the phone with James trying to convince him. A few minutes later, I was filling out the adoption paperwork and wondering if I was out of my mind.

The more I spent time with him, the more sure I felt about my decision. James loved him immediately, and we both couldn’t wait to move into our new apartment and become a little family together.

It pretty much turned out to be everything we thought it would be, and by that I mean it was freaking amazing.

It’s hard to think a year has gone by since we adopted Jordy. We’ve had our disagreements (he ate my shoes, ate my underwear, ate a hole in the wall, etc.), but overall I think James and I agree that it was one of the best things we’ve ever done.

Since Jordy was adopted, we’re not sure when his birthday is. So we decided to celebrate his adoption day as his birthday. We got him this cute little “Birthday Boy” scarf and a happy adoption day puppy pie.

Jordy basically inhaled the puppy pie. I think he enjoyed his little birthday celebration, I mean, look at that smile! I know I sure enjoyed it (:

Now that we’ve hit that milestone, I’m looking forward to what the next year holds for me and my puppy. I’m sure it will be as exciting, loving and sometimes frustrating as the first. I can’t wait.